Effective November 1, 2011, the new Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) will begin overseeing your healthcare plan.

ARH hospitals, clinics, home health and medical equipment stores will only be accepting the following two MCO plans:

• CoventryCares of Kentucky
• WellCare of Kentucky

ARH will not be accepting the Kentucky Spirit Health Plan.

ARH wants to provide you the best care possible, and we understand how important your Medicaid coverage is when you need care. Please be aware that you do have the option to change your plan to CoventryCares of Kentucky or WellCare of Kentucky so you will be able to continue to receive care at ARH facilities and by ARH physicians and providers.

ARH will continue to provide services consistent with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).

If you have selected or were assigned by the State of Kentucky to the Kentucky Spirit Health Plan, and would like to continue to use ARH services, you will need to call the Kentucky Medicaid Member Services Hotline at 1-855-446-1245 and change your plan to CoventryCares of Kentucky or WellCare of Kentucky.

You will have 90 days beginning November 1, 2011 to change your plan.

On November 1st call 1-855-446-1245 to change your Kentucky Spirit Health Plan to one of the ARH-accepted plans, Coventry Cares of Kentucky or WellCare of Kentucky.

If you have questions, or need to know more, call or visit the following websites:

Kentucky Medicaid Managed Care Services

CoventryCares of Kentucky

WellCare of Kentucky


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