Passport Health Plan announces Contract with Appalachian Regional Healthcare


Passport Health Plan announced today that they have contracted with Appalachian Regional Healthcare to provide services to members of Passport Health Plan. Appalachian Regional Healthcare, including 8 hospitals in Kentucky, 2 hospitals in West Virginia, 600 physicians, home health agencies, HomeCare Stores and retail pharmacies, provide care for approximately 350,000 residents and is the largest private employer in southeastern Kentucky.

“We have a lot of respect for Passport’s sixteen years of experience in Medicaid managed care and look forward to building a successful partnership to care for the residents of southeastern Kentucky”, said Mr. Joe Grossman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Appalachian Regional Healthcare.

According to Mark B. Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Passport Health Plan, “Appalachian Regional Healthcare understands the needs of their patients and their providers. We will work together to provide quality, cost-effective care to the people who live in the region.”
Passport Health Plan is a provider-sponsored. non-profit, community-based Medicaid health plan that has been contracted with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to administer Medicaid benefits for 128,500 people in 16 Kentucky counties since 1997. Beginning in 2014, the Plan will expand its operations to administer Medicaid benefits throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Plan is sponsored by the University of Louisville Medical School Practice Association, University of Louisville Medical Center, Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, Norton Healthcare, and the Louisville Primary Care Association which includes the Federally Qualified Health Centers (Family Health Centers and Park DuValle) and the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness.

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