A Federal Judge sets hearing for ARH and Coventry Cares dispute


US District Judge Karl S. Forester has issued an order setting a hearing between Appalachian Regional Healthcare and Coventry Cares for Friday, May 4, at 9:30 a.m. In addition, the parties have been order to begin settlement negotiations immediately.

On March 29, Coventry Cares notified ARH of its intent to cancel the contract already in place with ARH and requested to negotiate a new agreement. However, just 13 days later and after a joint meeting between Coventry Cares, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and ARH, Coventry Cares notified ARH that it was no longer interested in negotiating a new agreement until such time as Coventry Cares could resolve its dispute with the state. Click here to read the details of the order.

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